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Watchcraft - B57

Watchcraft - B57

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WatchCraft watches are Limited Edition, hand crafted watches made with distressed and oxidized, nickel free solid jewelers brass and embellished with solid brass, solid copper and sterling silver.  The cases are made from a single block of brass and dials are individually hand painted by Eduardo Milieris.  All metals are purposely left unsealed so they will change with each individual creating a truly unique piece also symbolizing that with time, comes constant change and evolution.

The B57 bracelet has a wide brass band with brass trim, featuring a textured design, with brass pieces engraved with a "concrete" design on each end. The bracelet has a silver center square with a lightly distressed texture. Every bracelet is hand sculpted individually, so each has its own unique variation.

Band Width: 21mm, Bracelet Weight: 71g