Sterling Silver Brush Tsosie Navajo Turquoise and Opal Pendant

Handmade By A Navajo Jeweler 

This beautiful pendant features a striking turquoise gemstone, beautifully set in a minimalist sterling silver frame. The stone’s vivid blue hues are enhanced by delicate opal inlay that adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness. Perfect for adding an elegant flair to any outfit.

Material: Sterling Silver

Stones: Teardrop Turquoise (27x17mm), Opal Inlay

Size: 4cm Tall, 2cm Wide

Care: Keep jewelry away from water and harsh chemicals. Remove during physical activity and store in a soft pouch or jewelry case. To refresh your piece and bring back its natural shine, clean with our gentle foaming cleaner, Lavish, and dry thoroughly. Complimentary cleanings offered in store


*Pendant Only, Chain Sold Separately





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