18K Yellow Gold Reversible Mother of Pearl and White Enamel “ROCK” Ring

18K Yellow Gold Reversible Mother Of Pearl And White Enamel “ROCK” Ring with 0.85Ct Total Weight Sapphires, Size 7.

R- Rubellite,
O- Orange sapphire,
C- Citrine
K- Kyanite

EPIC | legend, heroic, tremendous, grand, larger-than-life, titanic, astronomical, idyllic …
RISE | advance, increase, ascend, soar, progress, swell, climb, growth…
GOAL | ambition, intention, destination, objective, target, aim, purpose, aspiration …
CALM | peaceful, serene, cool, composed, soothe, tranquil, serenity, relaxed
PLAY | vacation, diversion, entertainment, fun, recreation, frolic, amusement, enjoy …
ROCK | strong, firm, stable, mighty, consistent, powerful, enduring, steady
BOSS | champion, director, captain, leader, top, excellent, first-rate, wonderful …
GROW | advance, become, build, cultivate, expand, flourish, rise, thrive


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