674 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo

Wendy Daly

Wendy Daly – Jewelry Designer




My work is wearable sculpture. Things around me that hold beautiful meanings or memories inspire my art.  Most originate from nature, but they also evoke places I have been , people who have touched my life profoundly , and beautiful scenes and objects that delight my senses. My medium is silver clay.

I manipulate the metal clay as I would ceramic clay, shaping it by hand and firing it in my small jewelry kiln. I  mold my own  components, either found or sculpted.  After firing, the pieces are tumbled until polished and shiny.  Some pieces receive a patina that accentuates the relief.  The medium also allows the addition of small gems that are capable of going through the firing process.

Finishing each  piece involves putting together sterling silver chains, pearls, semi-precious stones, and findings, hence the wearable facet of my work.

When I began working in silver clay, I made a mold of a newly emerging grape leaf and it has become one of my favorite design components. The grape leaf came from Napa and the Julia Child Culinary academy, where I irreverently picked a few grapes and brought them home. One became the vine that arches over the entrance to  my garden. Several years ago, it even began producing grapes.

I found the spiral shell in New Zealand  and made a mold of it. For me, ocean and seashore symbolize life’s enduring nature. The horses began as miniature sculptures  from which I made molds. The horse represents grace, beauty and strength ; those qualities appeal to my feminine sensibilities. At one point in my life, the horse represented the ability to break free from the psychological forces that often particularly entrap women. Setting my horses free was my goal.

Life is a journey and as the poet says, its own reward. I hope that you follow me on my journey.