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Bernd Wolf geometric and architectural pieces
Citizen  solar powered watches
Coast Diamond  engagement rings and wedding bands
Colore SG  sterling silver & 18K colored stone jewelry
Costar  engagement rings and wedding bands
Heavy Stone Rings Alternative metal bands
Honora Pearl Jewelry
Jeff Foster  local artist, silver/gold & colored stone jewelry
Lavish jewelry cleaner
Linda Lewis  local artist, silver/gold & colored stone jewelry
Michael M. Collection  engagement rings & wedding bands
Mystical Madness ancient symbols, unusual motifs, organic elements & colorful jewels
Nina Nguyen sterling silver colored stone jewelry
Parade  engagement rings & wedding bands
Pat Harkness local artist, pearl & mixed metal jewelry
Philippa Roberts  simple, organic shapes combined with beautifully cut gemstones
Sergio Lub Magnetic Copper Braclets
Stanton Color  gold diamond & colored stone jewelry
Tacori  engagement rings & wedding bands
Toby Pomeroy engagement rings and wedding bands
Triton men's tungsten bands
TRIWA  watches
WatchCraft handcrafted mixed metal watches