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Stanton Color




At Stanton Color our passion and focus has been centered around gorgeous colored gemstones for over 30 years. We consider all of our stones as precious, and each have been skillfully faceted, enhancing their luster and scintillation. 


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, I was fortunate enough to travel abroad twice before finishing high school. Once I had the bug in me, I set off for Europe at age 18 and spent the next 18 months traveling.

At age 20, I arrived in California and, being somewhat influenced by my family’s involvement with jewelry manufacturing, I enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Santa Monica. To my surprise, I discovered this unforeseen passion for colored gemstones! With the help of Pierre Geneve from GIA, Stanton Color was founded in 1981. Pierre, my late, dear friend and business partner, was the one who had an amazing eye for discerning the finest gems and this knowledge would prove invaluable in the years to come.

Since its inception, Stanton Color has always traded in fine color. Paying careful attention to faceting and current cutting techniques, our intention is to “wow” the buyer with exceptional color. We initially traded only in loose color, buying and selling gems and servicing fine retailers with their gemstone needs. We continue to express this passion for fine color via a uniquely crafted collection of classic-contemporary color jewelry and offer a variety of gemstone flavors along with 3 gold color options, to further enhance their beauty.

Oh…and that travel bug…never ceased. It’s alive and well and very much a part of my gemstone pursuits.