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Jewelry Repair, Restorative & Appraisal Services

B. Anthony & Company ring restoration and repair services
Here at B. Anthony & Company Jewelers we offer a variety of jewelry services that are done by our in-house bench jeweler, Jeff Foster.

Jewelry Repair & Restorative Services

B. Anthony & Co. jewelry repair and restoration services

Whether you have a diamond that needs a little help looking sparkling again or you want to make an heirloom piece of jewelry like your great grandparents wore, we can repair and restore it! A priceless piece of jewelry should be kept safe and shining for generations to come, not gathering dust in some forgotten dresser drawer. Give your most prized possession new life with expert repair by B. Anthony & Company!

We offer ring sizing, jewelry repair, jewelry restoration, chain repair, and much more!

Jewelry Appraisal Services

B. Anthony & Co. jewelry appraisal services

In this complicated financial world, it can be hard to tell what your jewelry is worth. That's why B. Anthony & Co. is here to help! In order to get a professional and accurate estimate of what your priceless heirlooms and jewelry pieces are worth, we will send them away for review by our expert jewelers. We'll provide you with an exact appraised value that you can rely on (and trust). Replacement value appraisals are done in house. 

Please contact us at 805-544-8988 if you have any questions, would like a repair quote, or are interested in custom designing a piece of jewelry.